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Types Of Cycle Accident

If you are a cyclist, you are more vulnerable than other road users, as the protective chassis that a car has cannot protect you in the event of an accident. The following is a list of the different types of accident you might encounter while cycling.

1. Imperfections in the road

How can imperfections in the road cause an accident?

Imperfections are very dangerous road hazards and are likely to be hard to spot. If you hit a imperfect surface you may lose control of your bike or be thrown off.

Potential imperfect surfaces:

  • Unmitigated (unsalted) ice
  • Debris, from falled foliage to pieces of rubbish or scrap
  • Potholes
  • Sunken drains
  • Loose gravel
  • Fallen loads from other vehicles
  • Oil spills of any size

How to claim for an accident from imperfect road conditions:

In the immediate aftermath of a cycling accident, you should ensure your own safety and gather any evidence possible. With this evidence our amazing team can start working to prove that the accident not only happened but was the result of negligence from the body responsible for safely maintaining that portion of the road.

2. Potholes

For most motorists potholes are a mild inconvenience that can mean a speedier return to the mechanic than otherwise expected. For cyclists, however, these deceptive road defects can cause serious injuries, as you bike might flip right over if it hits one.

What to do when your bike hits a pothole

1) Photograph the pothole as soon as possible

Try to capture the pothole from a variety of angles to ensure that its depth is accurately represented in your evidence.

2) Record your injuries

Take high-quality photos of your injuries which can be used as evidence. Medical reports can also be used to supplement this at a later date.

4) Get Witness details and addresses in the area

If there are any witnesses, they can only bolster your case. Equally, speaking to local residents about how long the pothole has been present can only help to establish negligence.

5) Hire good legal help

We can help you get the compensation your deserve in a reasonable time frame. Contact us on 0204 542 8247 to start the process now.

3. Injury caused by Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving and careless driving are synonymous. They usually entail a driver making manoeuvres that a reasonable person would forsee as dangerous. In other words, they would be reckless in the eyes of the common person. After establishing the basic facts of any accident caused by this kind of catalyst you should contact us to begin the claims process against a dangerous driver.

4. Fatal Bike Accidents, as the result of Dangerous Driving

Of course the most tragic kind of cycle accident is that which result in fatal consequences. We understand this and will work had to get you through this complex process, and get you and your family through the trying experience of claiming compensation for a loved one. We will diligently pursue reimbursement for the negligence that led to the death of someone close to you.

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