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Car Turning Scooter Accidents

Car Turns Into Path of Scooter

This  accident claims example is a the consequence of a driver of a car not paying attention to the scooter rider present when taking a right turn. The car enters into the trajectory of the scooter, subsequently causing a collision.

Here, the scooter rider can claim for: Injuries, damage to the scooter, loss of salary and medical costs.

Car Violating Scooter’s Right of Way

This is the most common kind of scooter accident. Here, a car endangers the scooter rider, by pulling out in front of him. The scooter rider has no chance to avoid a collision.


Scooter Oblivious Lane Changes

Car Changing Lane

Here, the driver is overtaking the vehicle in the nearside lane.

Often scooter have to swerve erratically to avoid a collision, meaning they hit street furniture or careen off of the road. This kind of the accident is a result of the driver’s reckless driving.

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