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If you’re suffering from a serious injury, such as a spinal or head injury, you may meet with one of our specialist client liaison managers. They can work with your treatment team to produce a full recovery or injury management plan.

We can also help you access life changing rehabilitation, physiotherapy, mental health and home care services, and put you in touch with local charities and support organizations. If you’re living with traumatic long term or lifetime injuries we’ll support you with specialist home and vehicle adaptation services to make your life easier.

Trust Cycle UK  will work with you, to help you get the medical attention you require to get you back on your scooter. Where possible, we will include the cost of your treatment in your compensation claim. We’ve put together a very general overview of the types of rehabilitation past clients have required.

Rehab is categorized as ‘adaptive’ and ‘restorative’. It may be physical; physiotherapy or occupational therapy or psychological: clinical or neurological.

Adaptive rehab assists a victim in a post trauma phase, for example an immediate needs assessment if someone is discharged home from hospital with impaired physical functioning or mobility after a fractured limb. Restorative rehab builds towards regaining pre-trauma levels of functioning.

Physiotherapy is vital to regaining function after trauma and hastens return to work, scooter riding and the normality of pre injury life. Occupational therapy assists with mental and physical strategies to overcome temporary or physical disabilities, temporary or longer term.

Superimposed over these or as a stand alone is psychological therapy designed to assist the victim overcome the obstacles and barriers in returning to a former activity or occupation. Each case requires prompt individual assessment to identify the symptoms (post traumatic stress disorder, post concessional syndrome or a depressive disorder for example) and factor in the appropriate remedial treatment. Often it’s the case that the consequent physical impairment which a victim experiences triggers a psychological reaction either independently of or connected with the original experience.

It is common in any injury claim to require physiotherapy treatment. We can arrange this for you at a location convenient to you.

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