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SectionInjuryDescriptionMin AmountMax Amount
Head InjuryBrain InjuryMinor brain or head injury£1,675£9,700
Less severe brain damage£11,650£32,700
Moderate brain damage£32,725£166,500
Moderately severe brain injury£166,500£214,350
Very severe brain damage£214,350£307,000
EpilepsyOther epileptic conditions£8,100£20,000
Established petit mal£41,675£100,000
Established grand mal£77,500£114,100
Facial injurySimple nose fracture£1,300£1,925
Simple cheekbone fracture£1,775£2,275
Displaced nose fracture£1,925£2,400
Displaced nose fracture requiring surgery£3,000£3,875
Simple cheekbone fracture needing surgery£3,300£4,900
Simple jaw fracture£4,900£6,650
Serious cheekbone fracture£7,750£12,000
Serious nose fracture with permanent damage£8,100£17,575
Multiple facial fractures£11,300£18,200
Serious jaw fracture£13,650£23,175
Le Fort fractures of facial bones£18,100£27,925
Serious multiple jaw fractures£23,175£34,600
Teeth injuryLoss or damage to back teeth (per tooth)£830£1,300
Loss or damage to front tooth£1,675£3,000
Loss or damage to two front teeth£3,300£5,800
Loss or damage to several front teeth£6,650£8,675
Injury affecting sightTransient (short lived) eye injury£1,675£3,000
Minor eye injury£3,000£6,650
Minor permanent damage to vision in one or both eyes£6,925£15,950
Serious loss of vision in one eye£18,000£30,000
Complete loss of sight in one eye£37,450£41,675
Total loss of one eye£41,675£50,000
Loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the remaining eye£48,600£80,500
Total blindnessIn the region of £204,250
Total blindness and deafnessIn the region of £307,000
Post-traumatic stressPost-traumatic stressLess severe post-traumatic stress£3,000£6,225
Moderate post-traumatic stress£6,000£17,000
Moderately severe post-traumatic stress£17,600£45,500
Severe post-traumatic stress£45,500£76,500
Back injuryBack injuryBack injury recovering in a few months at mostUp to £1,860
Back injury recovering in up to 2 years£1,860£6,000
Back injury recovering in 2-5 years£6,000£9,500
Back injury causing permanent symptoms£9,500£21,100
Back injury causing serious permanent symptoms£21,100£29,475
Back injury causing chronic permanent symptoms£29,475£53,000
Serious back injury causing significant permanent impact£56,375£67,200
Severe back injury with spinal cord damage£69,200£122,350
Neck injuryNeck injuryMinor neck injury£300£1,860
Neck injury recovering completely in up to a year£1,860£3,300
Neck injury recovering completely in 1-2 years£3,300£6,000
Neck injury bringing other problems forward or making them worse£6,000£10,450
Neck injury causing spondylosis, serious limitation of movement or permanent/recurring pain£10,450£19,000
Neck injury involving fractures, dislocations or severe soft tissue (muscle) damage recovering to a restricted level£19,000£29,250
Neck injury involving fractures, dislocations or severe soft tissue (muscle) damage leaving chronic permanent symptoms£34,575£42,550
Serious neck injury involving fractures or damage to discs£50,000£99,500
Severe neck injuryIn the region of £112,750
WhiplashWhiplash recovering within 3 months£300£1,860
Whiplash recovering between 3 months and 1 year£1,860£3,300
Whiplash between 1 and 2 years£3,300£6,000
Shoulder injuryShoulder injuryMinor shoulder injuryUp to £6,000
Moderate shoulder injury£6,000 £9,700
Serious shoulder injury£9,700£14,600
Severe shoulder injury£14,600£36,500
Arm injuryArm injuryFractured forearms (between the elbow and the wrist)£5,000£14,600
Serious arm injury leaving some long lasting effects£14,600£29,800
Serious arm injury leaving permanent and substantial effects£29,800£45,500
Loss of one arm below the elbow£73,100£83,325
Severe arm injury£73,100£99,500
Loss of one arm above the elbow£83,325£99,500
Loss of one arm at the shoulderNo less than £104,250
Loss of both arms£183,000£228,000
Finger injuryFracture of one fingerUp to £3,600
Loss of part of a little finger£3,000£4,450
Loss of the end of a ring or middle finger£3,000£6,000
Loss of a little finger£6,575£9,300
Fractured index (first) finger leaving permanent symptom£6,925£9,300
Loss of part of an index (first) finger£9,250£14,250
Loss of a middle fingerIn the region of £11,875
Serious ring or middle finger injury causing permanent loss of grip£11,300£12,425
Loss of an index (first) fingerIn the region of £14,250
Loss of ring and little fingerIn the region of £16,600
Loss of the end of the middle and first fingerIn the region of £19,000
Severe fractured fingers leading to possible amputationUp to £27,925
Loss of index finger and middle or ring finger£47,050£69,000
Hand injuryMinor hand injury£700£3,300
Serious hand injury with full or close to full recovery£4,100£10,100
Serious hand injury with significant loss of use of the hand£22,050£47,050
Serious damage to both hands£42,250£64,275
Loss of one hand, or loss of use of one hand£73,100£83,325
Loss of both hands, or loss of use of both hands£107,000£153,200
Thumb injuryThumb injury recovering in a short timeUp to £1,675
Thumb injury recovering in around 6 monthsUp to £3,000
Severe thumb dislocation£3,000£5,150
Moderate thumb injury£7,350£9,575
Serious thumb injury£9,575£12,750
Very serious thumb injury£14,900£26,600
Loss of a thumb£27,000£41,675
Elbow injuryElbow injury not causing significant long term problemsUp to £9,575
Elbow injury causing some long term problems£11,900£24,350
Severe, disabling elbow injury£29,800£41,675
Wrist injuryColles wrist fracturesIn the region of £5,650
Wrist fractures and other injury recovering in up to one year£2,675£3,600
Wrist injury taking around two years to heal completelyUp to £7,800
Wrist injury causing permanent pain and stiffnes£9,575£18,625
Serious wrist injury causing significant permanent problems£18,625£29,800
Severe wrist injury causing loss of function of the wrist£36,200£45,500
Pelvis or hip injuryPelvis or hip injuryMinor hip or pelvis soft tissue (muscle) injuryUp to £3,000
Hip or pelvis injury leaving minimal or no long term problems£3,000£9,575
Significant hip or pelvis injury leaving some long term problems£9,575£20,200
Significant hip or pelvis injury without serious permanent damage£20,200£29,800
Hip or pelvis fractures needing surgery£29,800£39,900
Hip or pelvis fractures causing long term problems£47,050£59,600
Extensive fractures causing serious long term problems£59,600£99,500
Leg injuryAchilles tendonMinor achilles tendon injury£5,525£9,575
Partial achilles rupture or significant tendon damage£9,575£16,000
Severed achilles tendon successfully repaired by surgery£19,000£22,875
Severed achilles tendon and muscle injuryIn the region of £29,200
Ankle injuryAnkle injury recovering completely or leaving mild symptomsUp to £10,450
Ankle injury causing some permanent problems£10,450£20,200
Severe ankle injury causing permanent problems walking£23,800£38,050
Very severe rare ankle injury£38,050£53,000
Foot injuryCommon foot injury, most healing completelyUp to £10,450
Displaced metatarsal fractures with permanent symptoms£10,450£19,000
Serious foot injury£19,000£29,800
Severe injury to one or both feet£31,900£53,200
Very severe permanent foot injury£63,825£83,325
Loss of one foot£63,825£83,325
Loss of both feet£128,750£153,200
Knee injuryKnee injury that recover completely or leave minimal symptomsUp to £10,450
Knee injury causing mild long term problems£11,275£19,900
Knee injury causing serious long term problems£19,900£33,000
Leg fractures which include the knee joint£39,625£53,000
Severe knee injury£53,000£73,125
Leg injuryFractured femur (thigh bone)£6,925£10,700
Fractured tibia or fibula (lower leg) or soft tissue injuryUp to £9,000
Leg fractures or soft tissue injury causing some permanent problems£13,650£21,100
Severe crushing injury and serious or complicated leg fractures£21,100£29,800
Serious leg injury leaving permanent problems£29,800£41,675
Very serious leg injury leaving permanent problems£41,675£64,275
Severe leg injury without amputation£73,150£103,250
Loss of one leg below the knee£74,475£101,075
Loss of one leg above the knee£79,700£104,500
Loss of both legs below the knee£153,200£205,300
Loss of both legs£183,000£214,350
Toe injuryToe injury not leaving significant long term problemsUp to £7,300
Serious injury to the big toe or to several other toes£7,300£10,450
Severe toe injury including amputations£10,450£16,000
Loss of a big toeIn the region of £23,800
Loss of all of the toes on a foot£27,750£42,600
ParalysisParalysisTemporary paraplegia£37,500£41,250
Tetraplegia or quadraplegia£246,750£307,000
ScarringScarring to other parts of the bodyA single noticeable scar, or several superficial scars not to the face£1,800£5,950
Scarring after an exploratory laparotomyIn the region of £6,575
Several noticeable scars or one disfiguring scar, not to the face£5,950£17,275
Burns covering 40% or more of the body
No less than £79,700
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