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Cycling Claims Calculator

Compensation is given with the aim of getting injured people back to the position they were in ‘before’ they were involved in an accident.

Compensation settlements are often broken down into two parts:

General Damages

General damages are awarded to claimants for any instance of pain, suffering and loss of amenity (collectively known as ‘PSLA’) they have experienced as the result of a cycling injury.

General damages are calculated using a table of recommended compensation figures set out in the ‘Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases, Thirteenth Edition by the Judicial College’. These Guidelines are typically referred to by solicitors, insurance companies and courts when a injury claim is being processed. To look through the potential claimant awards, please see our table below.

Calculating compensation for multiple cycling injuries

Unfortunately, many in a collisions between cyclists and other road users can often result in multiple injuries.

A rider knocked off their bike might both fracture a leg and endure a concussion. In this instance, they could be eligible to receive compensation for both injuries. However, general damages for multiple injuries are not calculated by simply adding together the recommended amount for each injury.

Instead, the courts take the view that, although you are entitled to compensation for each injury you have sustained, the severity of some injuries effectively masks the pain, suffering and loss of amenity of less severe injuries.

For example, a broken toe will have less of an impact on a cyclist who is also bed-bound due to a fractured ankle than if they only had a broken toe.

Consequently, a court is likely to provide a full award for the most severe injury sustained, and calculate a portion of the recommended amount for each other, lesser, injury sustained, depending on the overlap of suffering between each injury.

Special Damages

Special damages are awarded to compensate claimants for any accident related financial losses, such as loss of earnings or damage to a bicycle as well as any costs incurred as a result of the injury. These are awarded in proportion to provable costs brought forward by the claimant, such as a receipt showing the cost of fixing a damaged bike.

Calculate your compensation

Below is our online cycling injury compensation calculator, which helps you calculate how much compensation you could be able to claim, from the minimum amount to the maximum amount.

SectionInjuryDescriptionMin AmountMax Amount
Head InjuryBrain InjuryMinor brain or head injury£1,675£9,700
Less severe brain damage£11,650£32,700
Moderate brain damage£32,725£166,500
Moderately severe brain injury£166,500£214,350
Very severe brain damage£214,350£307,000
EpilepsyOther epileptic conditions£8,100£20,000
Established petit mal£41,675£100,000
Established grand mal£77,500£114,100
Facial injurySimple nose fracture£1,300£1,925
Simple cheekbone fracture£1,775£2,275
Displaced nose fracture£1,925£2,400
Displaced nose fracture requiring surgery£3,000£3,875
Simple cheekbone fracture needing surgery£3,300£4,900
Simple jaw fracture£4,900£6,650
Serious cheekbone fracture£7,750£12,000
Serious nose fracture with permanent damage£8,100£17,575
Multiple facial fractures£11,300£18,200
Serious jaw fracture£13,650£23,175
Le Fort fractures of facial bones£18,100£27,925
Serious multiple jaw fractures£23,175£34,600
Teeth injuryLoss or damage to back teeth (per tooth)£830£1,300
Loss or damage to front tooth£1,675£3,000
Loss or damage to two front teeth£3,300£5,800
Loss or damage to several front teeth£6,650£8,675
Injury affecting sightTransient (short lived) eye injury£1,675£3,000
Minor eye injury£3,000£6,650
Minor permanent damage to vision in one or both eyes£6,925£15,950
Serious loss of vision in one eye£18,000£30,000
Complete loss of sight in one eye£37,450£41,675
Total loss of one eye£41,675£50,000
Loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the remaining eye£48,600£80,500
Total blindnessIn the region of £204,250
Total blindness and deafnessIn the region of £307,000
Post-traumatic stressPost-traumatic stressLess severe post-traumatic stress£3,000£6,225
Moderate post-traumatic stress£6,000£17,000
Moderately severe post-traumatic stress£17,600£45,500
Severe post-traumatic stress£45,500£76,500
Back injuryBack injuryBack injury recovering in a few months at mostUp to £1,860
Back injury recovering in up to 2 years£1,860£6,000
Back injury recovering in 2-5 years£6,000£9,500
Back injury causing permanent symptoms£9,500£21,100
Back injury causing serious permanent symptoms£21,100£29,475
Back injury causing chronic permanent symptoms£29,475£53,000
Serious back injury causing significant permanent impact£56,375£67,200
Severe back injury with spinal cord damage£69,200£122,350
Neck injuryNeck injuryMinor neck injury£300£1,860
Neck injury recovering completely in up to a year£1,860£3,300
Neck injury recovering completely in 1-2 years£3,300£6,000
Neck injury bringing other problems forward or making them worse£6,000£10,450
Neck injury causing spondylosis, serious limitation of movement or permanent/recurring pain£10,450£19,000
Neck injury involving fractures, dislocations or severe soft tissue (muscle) damage recovering to a restricted level£19,000£29,250
Neck injury involving fractures, dislocations or severe soft tissue (muscle) damage leaving chronic permanent symptoms£34,575£42,550
Serious neck injury involving fractures or damage to discs£50,000£99,500
Severe neck injuryIn the region of £112,750
WhiplashWhiplash recovering within 3 months£300£1,860
Whiplash recovering between 3 months and 1 year£1,860£3,300
Whiplash between 1 and 2 years£3,300£6,000
Shoulder injuryShoulder injuryMinor shoulder injuryUp to £6,000
Moderate shoulder injury£6,000 £9,700
Serious shoulder injury£9,700£14,600
Severe shoulder injury£14,600£36,500
Arm injuryArm injuryFractured forearms (between the elbow and the wrist)£5,000£14,600
Serious arm injury leaving some long lasting effects£14,600£29,800
Serious arm injury leaving permanent and substantial effects£29,800£45,500
Loss of one arm below the elbow£73,100£83,325
Severe arm injury£73,100£99,500
Loss of one arm above the elbow£83,325£99,500
Loss of one arm at the shoulderNo less than £104,250
Loss of both arms£183,000£228,000
Finger injuryFracture of one fingerUp to £3,600
Loss of part of a little finger£3,000£4,450
Loss of the end of a ring or middle finger£3,000£6,000
Loss of a little finger£6,575£9,300
Fractured index (first) finger leaving permanent symptom£6,925£9,300
Loss of part of an index (first) finger£9,250£14,250
Loss of a middle fingerIn the region of £11,875
Serious ring or middle finger injury causing permanent loss of grip£11,300£12,425
Loss of an index (first) fingerIn the region of £14,250
Loss of ring and little fingerIn the region of £16,600
Loss of the end of the middle and first fingerIn the region of £19,000
Severe fractured fingers leading to possible amputationUp to £27,925
Loss of index finger and middle or ring finger£47,050£69,000
Hand injuryMinor hand injury£700£3,300
Serious hand injury with full or close to full recovery£4,100£10,100
Serious hand injury with significant loss of use of the hand£22,050£47,050
Serious damage to both hands£42,250£64,275
Loss of one hand, or loss of use of one hand£73,100£83,325
Loss of both hands, or loss of use of both hands£107,000£153,200
Thumb injuryThumb injury recovering in a short timeUp to £1,675
Thumb injury recovering in around 6 monthsUp to £3,000
Severe thumb dislocation£3,000£5,150
Moderate thumb injury£7,350£9,575
Serious thumb injury£9,575£12,750
Very serious thumb injury£14,900£26,600
Loss of a thumb£27,000£41,675
Elbow injuryElbow injury not causing significant long term problemsUp to £9,575
Elbow injury causing some long term problems£11,900£24,350
Severe, disabling elbow injury£29,800£41,675
Wrist injuryColles wrist fracturesIn the region of £5,650
Wrist fractures and other injury recovering in up to one year£2,675£3,600
Wrist injury taking around two years to heal completelyUp to £7,800
Wrist injury causing permanent pain and stiffnes£9,575£18,625
Serious wrist injury causing significant permanent problems£18,625£29,800
Severe wrist injury causing loss of function of the wrist£36,200£45,500
Pelvis or hip injuryPelvis or hip injuryMinor hip or pelvis soft tissue (muscle) injuryUp to £3,000
Hip or pelvis injury leaving minimal or no long term problems£3,000£9,575
Significant hip or pelvis injury leaving some long term problems£9,575£20,200
Significant hip or pelvis injury without serious permanent damage£20,200£29,800
Hip or pelvis fractures needing surgery£29,800£39,900
Hip or pelvis fractures causing long term problems£47,050£59,600
Extensive fractures causing serious long term problems£59,600£99,500
Leg injuryAchilles tendonMinor achilles tendon injury£5,525£9,575
Partial achilles rupture or significant tendon damage£9,575£16,000
Severed achilles tendon successfully repaired by surgery£19,000£22,875
Severed achilles tendon and muscle injuryIn the region of £29,200
Ankle injuryAnkle injury recovering completely or leaving mild symptomsUp to £10,450
Ankle injury causing some permanent problems£10,450£20,200
Severe ankle injury causing permanent problems walking£23,800£38,050
Very severe rare ankle injury£38,050£53,000
Foot injuryCommon foot injury, most healing completelyUp to £10,450
Displaced metatarsal fractures with permanent symptoms£10,450£19,000
Serious foot injury£19,000£29,800
Severe injury to one or both feet£31,900£53,200
Very severe permanent foot injury£63,825£83,325
Loss of one foot£63,825£83,325
Loss of both feet£128,750£153,200
Knee injuryKnee injury that recover completely or leave minimal symptomsUp to £10,450
Knee injury causing mild long term problems£11,275£19,900
Knee injury causing serious long term problems£19,900£33,000
Leg fractures which include the knee joint£39,625£53,000
Severe knee injury£53,000£73,125
Leg injuryFractured femur (thigh bone)£6,925£10,700
Fractured tibia or fibula (lower leg) or soft tissue injuryUp to £9,000
Leg fractures or soft tissue injury causing some permanent problems£13,650£21,100
Severe crushing injury and serious or complicated leg fractures£21,100£29,800
Serious leg injury leaving permanent problems£29,800£41,675
Very serious leg injury leaving permanent problems£41,675£64,275
Severe leg injury without amputation£73,150£103,250
Loss of one leg below the knee£74,475£101,075
Loss of one leg above the knee£79,700£104,500
Loss of both legs below the knee£153,200£205,300
Loss of both legs£183,000£214,350
Toe injuryToe injury not leaving significant long term problemsUp to £7,300
Serious injury to the big toe or to several other toes£7,300£10,450
Severe toe injury including amputations£10,450£16,000
Loss of a big toeIn the region of £23,800
Loss of all of the toes on a foot£27,750£42,600
ParalysisParalysisTemporary paraplegia£37,500£41,250
Tetraplegia or quadraplegia£246,750£307,000
ScarringScarring to other parts of the bodyA single noticeable scar, or several superficial scars not to the face£1,800£5,950
Scarring after an exploratory laparotomyIn the region of £6,575
Several noticeable scars or one disfiguring scar, not to the face£5,950£17,275
Burns covering 40% or more of the body
No less than £79,700
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