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Cycle Claims: What is a Cycle Claim?

Cycle Claims: A Claim is a term often used in tort law for when someone who was injured or inconvenienced in some way can ‘claim’ against the party who’s negligence lead to this disadvantage. In theory, if a claim is successful, the compensation provided will aim to redress any ‘damages’ and put the claimant (person making a claim) back into the ‘position’ they would have been in had the accident not happen. Of course, courts cannot magically heal all injuries and turn back time.

However, they can ensure that the party at fault pays to recompense the wronged claimant. This compensation comes in the form of damages, which can be sub-divided into Special Damages & General Damages. Special Damages pay for the cost of lost income from being unable to work as a result of the accident, cost of medical supplies/treatment, associated expenses like travel costs and damage to personal property, such as the cost of a new bike. General Damages are an attempt to but a financial measurement for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. While the first two components are fairly self-explanatory, the latter part relates to any adjustments you will have to make to your life as a result of your injuries, whether that be temporary or permenant.

All this can seem quite bewildering, but, at Trust Cycle UK, we excel at these kinds of claims. We can get you the compensation you deserve and more, helping you replace your bike and kit upfront – before your Cycle Claims is even settled. We are here to help get you going again, minus the hassle and legalese. 

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