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If you have been involved in an accident or collision with a motor vehicle of any kind, you might be approached by a third party insurer, who will offer quick compensation. It is wise to beware of this offer as it is usually intended to serve their goals and not your best interests.

For example, third party insurers typically offer compensation at the minimum amount and will try to avoid paying any special damages that you may be entitled to (see our claims calculator for a comprehensive breakdown).

For instance, third party insurers may try to skimp on medical costs, related travel costs and subsequent loss of work earnings. This frugal agenda is geared towards spending as little as possible, and will likely leave you inadequately recompensed for your accident.

Determining how much you are owed is not always a straightforward task. This is why it is all important that you talk to a scooter claims expert as soon as possible, such as those on our experienced team.

We deal with our claim on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. So, while unlikely, if your claim attempt is unsuccessful, we won’t charge. Before you claim is settled, we will pay the upfront repair cost for your scooter. If the repair is in excess of the value of your scooter, we will be able to offer you a replacement scooter of up to £15,000. Additionally, we will pay up to £500 to replace or repair any clothing you were wearing during the accident.

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