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We help you achieve a successful result in your Bicycle accident claim faster and more efficiently. Trust Cycle will help you get the recuperation and compensation you deserve in a time frame that aims to get you pedalling again as soon as possible.

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Cycling Accident Injury Claims - Trust Cycle


Bespoke legal services for cyclists involved in an accident

Trust Cycle UK only deals with cycling accident claims. We are cyclists ourselves and believe that cyclists have the right to be safe on the roads. Our team of cycle specialising legal professionals are compassionate, thorough and expert who provide Cycling Injury Claims UK. We will take on your case, no matter how complex, and ensure that you get recompensed for the damages you have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence. Then Our Experts at Trust Cycle are here to help you in Cycling Injury Claims UK.



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Claim Calculation

We work out how much you can claim for your accident

Claim Negotiation

Our expert claims team negotiates through the claim on your behalf

Claim Settlement

We pay for your damaged cycling kit and your bike repair, or to replace your bike if the repair cost is more than its value.



We pay to get you back on the road asap


we will get you compensation


your health is our primary focus


we take the hassle out of cycle claims


like you, we are also passionate cyclists


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Cycle Claims Compensation


With our own passion for cycling, and our considerable experience, we understand that a cycling accident can be a very dangerous and traumatic event. Being knocked off a bicycle carries a variety of malign consequences, from bruises and gashes, to serious head injuries, spinal damage, and in the most tragic cases, loss of life.

When you come to us with your accident, we go beyond simply acquiring a one-off compensation payment. Instead, we aim to assist you throughout your recovery, ensuring you have the necessary means to get back to your previous state of health. We will also pay up to £500 for any cycling kit or accessories damaged in your accident, and up to £15,000 for a replacement bike or repairs to your damaged bike before your claim is settled.

Where we can, we shall:

  • Make certain you are properly compensated for your injuries.
  • Get you cycling again, as soon as possible, with our specialist medical assistance and physiotherapy services.
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your claim; we ditch the legalese and keep things simply, for your peace of mind.
  • Obtain justice for you loved-ones if you are making a claim on their behalf.

From damaged roads to Careless drivers!

Trust Cycle UK understands that cyclists are some of the most vulnerable to the hazards the road has to offer. From damaged road surfaces to careless drivers, we have a comprehensive understanding of what risks are out there, and how to get you renumeration. When the worst happens and you are injured, or your equipment is damaged, we know you’ll want to get back on your bike immediately. That is why our expert team is here to help you every pedal of the way.

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